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[CQ-Contest] re: Packet Spots in CQWW

Subject: [CQ-Contest] re: Packet Spots in CQWW
From: ludal@dmv.com (Dallas Carter)
Date: Tue Oct 29 07:56:45 2002
Seems like in every contest someone invents a new way to reek
havoc.  In the past it was erroneous /BUSTED spots.  This time,
our system was taking some VE spots, and this resulted in, not
only domestic spots, but out of US band spots.  With PACKLUSTER
I can filter out US calls, and, if this is not resolved at our input point,
I can also filter VE sources.
These represent but only two sources of spots that are not useful to us in
the greater 48.  These are not done maliciously as it is perfectly
for VE's to spot W's and out of US band stations.  This is a network
management issue.  As far as US stations spotting US stations, that is an
educational issue.  As far as crashing the system from excessive traffic,
again a network management issue.  My 2 Euros worth.

73  Dallas W3PP
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Subject: [CQ-Contest] re: Packet Spots in CQWW

> Bob N5NJ wrote:
> > I operated for not quite half of the contest, but I noticed a very high
> > number of erroneous packet spots.
> >
> > What is going on?  Was this on purpose or what?
> >
> > To make matters worse, it seemed that the only stations that were
> > were those that nearly never ID!
> >
> > One spot had a cross-band QSX on it.   That was weird.
> >
> > N5NJ @ AA5NT M/2
> Bob:
> You have a good point. I am trying to justify the effort to rcv spots,
> either via 2 mtr or Telnet.
> An extra phone line or more coax for the RF ISP link is what I am
> Either way seems like a waste.
> What is up with endless stateside spots from other stateside nodes? Please
> tell me so I will understand!
> If I had a 2mtr connection, the entire network would fail due to the sheer
> volume and constant collisions.
> Someone please enlighten me.
> 73 de KN5H
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