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[CQ-Contest] Anonymous RR Plaque

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Anonymous RR Plaque
From: zf2nt@candw.ky (Bruce B. Sawyer)
Date: Tue Oct 29 16:15:20 2002
I just received a totally unexpected, but much appreciated, package in the
mail today from the ARRL.  It was a plaque for last January's RTTY Roundup
(DX SOAB/HP), which I had thought was unsponsored.  Some generous person did
sponsor this plaque, but chose to remain anonymous.  Thus there's no way I
can send him my thanks directly.  My apologies to all for the bandwidth, but
somehow I can't let this go by without notice.  So to whomever it may be who
decided to put his money on the line in order to support contesting this
way, my sincere thanks.  This plaque is deeply appreciated.

By the way, I don't think the ARRL made much of a profit off your
sponsorship fee.  I noticed the postage to get it here was $23!

Bruce, ZF2NT
Little Cayman Island

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