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[CQ-Contest] Did I miss something along the way?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Did I miss something along the way?
From: john-k1rc@juno.com (john-k1rc@juno.com)
Date: Tue Oct 29 17:59:51 2002
Hi all,

I was looking at some of the CQ SSB claimed scores
today and (being somewhat slow on the pickup) noticed
a couple of odd type categories.

Single op all band (assisted) QRP?

Single op Single band (assisted) 10M QRP?

Didn't know these were "approved" categories. 
If so, how are they used? How are the use of the
spotting nets used, etc. 

I've been running straight SOAB QRP all these years,
(since '78) is this an amendment to that category? 
Or is it one of those "grey areas" left up to ones

Sorry if I'm throwing gas onto the fire here, but if its
legal I might as well take advantage of it too.
Its getting so my tribander and single wire can't
compete with the "big" stations even in QRP
category anymore.. (and I haven't got the bux to
build up a super station)

Whats the correct ruling on this?

My firesuit is back from the cleaners, have at it.

Thanks and 73,
John K1RC

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