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[CQ-Contest] CQWW and Signal Reports

Subject: [CQ-Contest] CQWW and Signal Reports
From: w7why@harborside.com (Tom Osborne)
Date: Wed Oct 30 02:36:42 2002
Tom Horton wrote:

>   If I were a rich guy I would spend a year or two traveling in >South 
> America and southern Europe showing ops how to set the mic >gain and 
> processor levels.

Hi Tom

You don't have to be a rich guy.  Just listen to some of the "big
guns" here in the states that have rotten audio.  There was one
K9 station on 20 Saturday that was 10 or 15 kc wide and
splattering all over the place.  I knew if I told him, he'd just
ignore me so I didn't say anything.  73

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