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[CQ-Contest] Unexpected path/QSO

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Unexpected path/QSO
From: spa@tri.net (Salina Physician Anesthesia)
Date: Wed Oct 30 18:10:00 2002
There was a comment here about continuous CQing with little rate.  This 
brings up a question: 

In the last hour of the CQWWSSB I (central Kansas) was pointed at JA (317 
degrees from here) on 10 Meters and calling CQ with a weak JA coming back 
about every three minutes when in a ten minute period got calls from Iceland 
and Ghana well off the side of the beam and the path in total darkness.  It 
was maybe half an hour past sunset here.  I really wonder about the path! 

My feeling is that it never hurts to put some RF in the air. 

My meager S&P effort, missed Sunday morning path to Eu: 

440 QSOs 32 zones 111 countries.  132 JAs.  Single OP HP 10M only. 


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