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[CQ-Contest] Out of Band operating

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Out of Band operating
From: k1ttt@arrl.net (David Robbins)
Date: Wed Oct 30 13:44:37 2002
> should really have known better.  Seems as if some of us are willing to
> take a chance of operating outside of  our privileges in order to pick
> up a multiplier.  What's up with that????

I doubt if any of them were intentional.  More likely they were just
grabbing spots and not looking at the frequency.  Its so easy to grab a
spot without really looking at it then just calling that it leaves you
open to mistakes like that.  Its just like grabbing spots on 40m that
don't have a qsx on them and transmitting at the low end of the band.

What would really be nice is if you could program your radio to only allow
transmission on specific sub bands... (hint hint kenwood, yaesu, icom, et.
al.)  While most radios have a lockout for the whole band it would be
useful if you could set band limits for each band. This would not only
protect you from violating your license restrictions, but also it could
help save amps that are tuned for 7200 and suddenly find themselves on
7020 into an antenna tuned for ssb.  I would also like to be able to lock
radios on specific bands for the m/m operation here.  There were a couple
times this weekend when somehow operators got spots for the wrong bands
and ended up with a radio set for 15m and the amp tuned for 20m.

David Robbins K1TTT
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web: http://www.k1ttt.net
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