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[CQ-Contest] SS CW thoughts

Subject: [CQ-Contest] SS CW thoughts
From: tree@kkn.net (Tree)
Date: Wed Oct 30 18:08:10 2002
On Wed, Oct 30, 2002 at 05:53:48PM -0500, Georgek5kg@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 10/30/2002 10:38:00 PM Greenwich Standard Time, 
> tree@kkn.net writes:
> > 1. Use of packet.  Packet continues to be one of those double edged swords.
> > It can be abused, but it can also help encourage activity.  Lots of people 
> > get caught up in trying to complete their cleansweep and use packet as an 
> > aid.  Obviously, if you use this aid, make sure you chose the right 
> > category
> > when sending in your log.  Also, if you are spotting stations, make sure 
> > you
> > are an "equal opportunity spotter".  It wouldn't be right if one station 
> > ends
> > up with some kind of advantage because he was spotted ten times as many 
> > times
> > as the competition.  I am sure they wouldn't want to win because of that 
> > either.
> > 
> Tree,
> I got flamed a couple of years ago by putting out many many spots without 
> including section information.  The flames came from a few stns who were 
> using the spots to find sweeps.
> If I go assisted (still undecided), I will continue to put out spots without 
> sections for two reasons:  1.) I don't want the bother of having to enter 
> section info into the spot, and 2.) I don't believe that the section info 
> should be included in the spot info; the section should be learned during the 
> exchange.

Or - how about prefixes only in DX contests (since there isn't any 
meaningful exchange information?).


>From Yuri Onipko" <ve3dz@rac.ca  Thu Oct 31 02:37:40 2002
From: Yuri Onipko" <ve3dz@rac.ca (Yuri Onipko)
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Out of Band operating
References: <d2.205c4866.2af1759b@aol.com>
Message-ID: <006001c28089$797ff8e0$2202a8c0@sympatico.ca>

> The PJ2T team spent considerable operating time transmitting below the
> American subbands on 10, 15 and 20m during this past weekends WW.  We were
> astounded by the number of W's that called in as we were operating there.
> one point N8BJQ and I wondered out loud if the FCC had changed the
> on us while we were out of the country.
> Mistakes may happen at 21198, but in one case I personally remember
> morning) we were at 21135 running EU for more than a few hours.  Over the
> course of that time period, dozens of U.S. stations called in. I can
> away a few stations due to the fact that their calls sounded like newer
> licensees, but there were many folks that should really have known better.
> Seems as if some of us are willing to take a chance of operating outside
> our privileges in order to pick up a multiplier.  What's up with that????
> 73,
> Ron, K8NZ

You're right, Ron.
Many U.S. guys called in below 21150.
Talking about 21198 - I didn't have a chance to work XX9C  'cuz Stateside
guys were calling him one after another... Lots of mistakes. :-))

73  VE3DZ

P.S. VE's SSB portion of 15 m band starts on 21100.

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