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[CQ-Contest] SS CW thoughts

Subject: [CQ-Contest] SS CW thoughts
From: slazar19@sgi.net (Spencer Lazar)
Date: Thu Oct 31 07:32:14 2002
At 06:08 PM 10/30/02 -0800, you wrote:
>On Wed, Oct 30, 2002 at 05:53:48PM -0500, Georgek5kg@aol.com wrote:
>> In a message dated 10/30/2002 10:38:00 PM Greenwich Standard Time, 
>> tree@kkn.net writes:
>> > 1. Use of packet.  Packet continues to be one of those double edged
>> > It can be abused, but it can also help encourage activity.  Lots of
>> > get caught up in trying to complete their cleansweep and use packet as
>> > aid.  Obviously, if you use this aid, make sure you chose the right 
>> > category
>> > when sending in your log.  Also, if you are spotting stations, make sure 
>> > you
>> > are an "equal opportunity spotter".  It wouldn't be right if one station 
>> > ends
>> > up with some kind of advantage because he was spotted ten times as many 
>> > times
>> > as the competition.  I am sure they wouldn't want to win because of that 
>> > either.
>> > 
>> Tree,
>> I got flamed a couple of years ago by putting out many many spots without 
>> including section information.  The flames came from a few stns who were 
>> using the spots to find sweeps.
>> If I go assisted (still undecided), I will continue to put out spots
>> sections for two reasons:  1.) I don't want the bother of having to enter 
>> section info into the spot, and 2.) I don't believe that the section info 
>> should be included in the spot info; the section should be learned
during the 
>> exchange.
For the newbies, a few sweepstakes hints Tree left out are:

1. If the station you are working sends sect? and you don't know yours,
   choose from the following: NL, NWT, QC or WY, selecting a different
   one when asked.

2. If the station you are working sends ck? send the last four numbers
   of the last check you have written.

3. If you hear qsy, that means the frequency is yours, I am qsy'ing.

4. QSO B4 or B4 means I'll be looking for you on the other four bands,
   please work me.

Good luck and see you on the funny farm!

Spike W9XR

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