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[CQ-Contest] Another anti-contester on QRZ.com

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Another anti-contester on QRZ.com
From: n5nj@gte.net (Bob Naumann - N5NJ)
Date: Thu Oct 31 06:37:43 2002
> Of course not everyone there are clowns, but, I honestly think the guys
> who want to limit our contesting to partial bands, are, well, clowns. (and
> other things not printable on the reflector) Period.

The assertion that "weekend operators" lives are ruined by contests is
absolutely absurd.  Us contesters know that there are really only 6 weekends
where the fone bands are overrun by contesters doing what we do, precluding
what they do - on 'their' frequencies .

Those 6 contests are: CQWW SSB, SS SSB, ARRL DX SSB, WPX SSB, Field Day
("it's not a contest":ARRL), and IARU.

The last two are unique in that both modes are being used.

CW is generally not a problem.

The way I do the math, the non-contesters have 46 weeks every year without a
major contest.  Granted, there seems to be some sort of minor contest every
weekend, but they do not take over the entire SSB allocation on all bands
like the above.

The issue is that these non-contesters use frequencies that are also used
during contests, and they feel that they should have the right to those
frequencies all the time.  Herein lies the absurdity.  Unfortunately, it
seems that some amateur radio 'leaders' feel the need to pander to these
individuals that complain as if they represent some large voting body.  They
don't.  They're a vocal minority of self-centered egotists that use the old
"squeaky wheel gets the grease" logic.

The reality is, there are other modes people can use during contest time.
There are other bands that can be used; WARC, VHF/UHF, low bands during the
daytime, high bands during the night time, etc.  The claim that they cannot
operate is totally specious.

It's high time that the 'leadership' recognize the bleating of these 'sheep'
for what it is.


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