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[CQ-Contest] Another anti-contester on QRZ.com

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Another anti-contester on QRZ.com
From: johngeig@yahoo.com (John Geiger)
Date: Thu Oct 31 07:45:04 2002
During these 6 weekends the non contestors can use the
WARC bands, so it is really a non issue.

73s John NE0P

--- Bob Naumann - N5NJ <n5nj@gte.net> wrote:
> > Of course not everyone there are clowns, but, I
> honestly think the guys
> there
> > who want to limit our contesting to partial bands,
> are, well, clowns. (and
> > other things not printable on the reflector)
> Period.
> The assertion that "weekend operators" lives are
> ruined by contests is
> absolutely absurd.  Us contesters know that there
> are really only 6 weekends
> where the fone bands are overrun by contesters doing
> what we do, precluding
> what they do - on 'their' frequencies .
> Those 6 contests are: CQWW SSB, SS SSB, ARRL DX SSB,
> WPX SSB, Field Day
> ("it's not a contest":ARRL), and IARU.
> The last two are unique in that both modes are being
> used.
> CW is generally not a problem.
> The way I do the math, the non-contesters have 46
> weeks every year without a
> major contest.  Granted, there seems to be some sort
> of minor contest every
> weekend, but they do not take over the entire SSB
> allocation on all bands
> like the above.
> The issue is that these non-contesters use
> frequencies that are also used
> during contests, and they feel that they should have
> the right to those
> frequencies all the time.  Herein lies the
> absurdity.  Unfortunately, it
> seems that some amateur radio 'leaders' feel the
> need to pander to these
> individuals that complain as if they represent some
> large voting body.  They
> don't.  They're a vocal minority of self-centered
> egotists that use the old
> "squeaky wheel gets the grease" logic.
> The reality is, there are other modes people can use
> during contest time.
> There are other bands that can be used; WARC,
> VHF/UHF, low bands during the
> daytime, high bands during the night time, etc.  The
> claim that they cannot
> operate is totally specious.
> It's high time that the 'leadership' recognize the
> bleating of these 'sheep'
> for what it is.
> N5NJ
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