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[CQ-Contest] Another anti-contester on QRZ.com

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Another anti-contester on QRZ.com
From: aa7bg@3rivers.net (Matt)
Date: Thu Oct 31 09:07:44 2002
---KR6X wrote:

The very best solution to interference during
contests is called "time diversity".  If you choose
to not participate in contests, then choose a
different time slot if you want to avoid the band
crowding.  To ask that your personal interests
should be held above those of the contesters by
reserving frequencies for your personal use is
certainly presumptive.


On the QRZ survey there was a similar message (time diversity) from W5HTW.
In these times when common sense is more precious than bagging that last
section with 5 minutes to go, it was great to read his post along the lines
of what you mention above. He is not a contester, but seems to co-habitate
well on the same planet with same. Fancy that.

As far as pressure on the bands--it seems there must always be a lot because
every few weeks I get a letter saying we are going to lose our
frequencies--send money. I say the more pressure from "within" the bands the
better. There's plenty of pressure from "without" to grab our freqs, or so
I'm led to believe. If I was one of the guys in charge of frequency
auctions/allocations and I tuned across the ham bands and they just happened
to be full of stations hollering "Ur Figh Nigh Kilo" I would be frightened
and move on to other less active parts of the spectrum to put on the
chopping block.

We might see you this weekend from the new NorthCentral Montana section
where we had absolutley no degrees this morning. We now have 10 deg F. Still
time in these perfect conditions to do some antenna work.

All the best,

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