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[CQ-Contest] CQ WW SSB

Subject: [CQ-Contest] CQ WW SSB
From: n2mg@eham.net (Mike Gilmer, N2MG)
Date: Thu Oct 31 12:21:23 2002
Somehow, in my editing, an important phrase was deleted...

It should have read, "...I was essentially asked, GOOD NATUREDLY, by 
probably that same xxxx..."

In case there should be any confusion...I was not manhandled or 
squeezed off.  I was check on from time to time however. ;-)


The following message was sent by "Mike Gilmer, N2MG"<n2mg@eham.net> on Thu, 31 
Oct 2002 10:24:14 -0400.

> N6TJ/ZD8Z wrote:
> > Probably the singular most humorous event for me during the 
> > contest was an encounter with the 15 meters operator @ the 
> > USA's biggest M/M station (call signs omitted to protect the 
> > guilty),  boldly,asking me to QSY from a frequency that I had 
> > occupied for the better part of an hour.  When I replied, 
> > "xxxx, you're not even bothering me", he said  "And you're not
> > bothering me either, Jim, but your pileup is, please QSY".
> > 
> A half-hour or so after I had *dug* my way onto 21200.5 (OK, it was 
> luck) and started running, I was essentially asked, by probably that 
> same xxxx (who is ALWAYS on 200.5), "Are you going to be there all 
> day?"  I had a good hard laugh...
> -Mike N2MG 
> op@K2UA 2-man M/S

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