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[CQ-Contest] Out of Band operating

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Out of Band operating
From: hamcat@directvinternet.com (K4SB)
Date: Thu Oct 31 18:02:40 2002
Bob Wruble wrote:
> ie below 21200 or 14150 etc...... an easy trap to fall into but still not
> excuseable!! admittingly tunning down to 21113 a bit much!!
> de w7gg

I'm surprised that no one has commented that on 21000.5 or such, you
are absolutely 
out of the US band according to both ARRL and FCC announcements. I
believe (???) they state quite emphatically that 2.5 kc up from the
bottom is the absolute minimum.

Heck, at .5 up, you wouldn't be legal even on LSB!


>From Jan-Eric Rehn - SM3CER - 7S3A" <jan-eric.rehn@telia.com  Thu Oct 31 
>18:19:01 2002
From: Jan-Eric Rehn - SM3CER - 7S3A" <jan-eric.rehn@telia.com (Jan-Eric Rehn - 
SM3CER - 7S3A)
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Last chance for SAC-logs!
Message-ID: <019201c28109$fe2ac5e0$0100a8c0@sm3cer>



If you worked in SAC - this is your last chance to
send your logs. The deadline is today 31 October!

E-mail: sac@contesting.com

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Peter Vestergard, OZ5WQ
Vestervej 74

The list of received SAC-logs can be seen at:


You'll find the link on the 1st page.
There are also links to SAC Claimed Scores.

73 de Jan

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>From K8KHZ-Sean Fleming" <sean@k8khz.com  Thu Oct 31 18:46:52 2002
From: K8KHZ-Sean Fleming" <sean@k8khz.com (K8KHZ-Sean Fleming)
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re:  Out of Band operating
References: <d2.205c4866.2af1759b@aol.com> 
<006001c28089$797ff8e0$2202a8c0@sympatico.ca> <3DC0B6B3.50705@telia.com>
Message-ID: <001b01c2810d$e14be2c0$2f9a2944@madsnh01.mi.comcast.net>

I have gotten two replies from two people that belive it is ok to operate
14.150 USB because there will only be a signal above 14.150. But let me ask
you this are your radios calibrated with scopes to make certain they are not
starting out transmitting below 14.150 I ask.  I am a general operator and
many Extra and some dx stations are operating sometimes on the US
extra/general fringe such as 14.225. so do I call them or not? I need that
country. And I also ask this why is it every time I call CQ contest at 7.229
LSB the people from the WAS net at 7.230 tell me that  I am interferring
with the net?  If  theory holds true then everyones interference is really
not interfernce just god propogation splattering over above the LSB
signal....I am pondering to wonder doesn't propogation have anything to do
with weather you can hear anyone even though thier calibrated signal is
doing what it should.


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