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Subject: [CQ-Contest] message date
From: discreetly_confidential@yahoo.com (Chuck)
Date: Thu Oct 31 12:43:58 2002
Of course.. if the message was signed by Larsen
E. Rapp W1OU then we all should know that our
tongues should be pressed quite firmly against
the inside of the right cheek. (in the mouth...
the mouth! HEH0

And if you need to know who W1OU is... check QST
(any April issue) back in the 60's and 70's.

I recall one of his articles where he provided a
great technical tip! His advice told us that we
can increase the strength of our RF output signal
levels  by using different diameters of coax. 

Start out with RG8. THen go to RG58, then RG141.
The electrons will be compressed as they move
from the larger diameter cable to the next
smaller diameter cable which will make them
increase velocity which will make them fly off
the antenna much much faster!

Ok.. remove tongues from right cheeks!


Chuck K3FT

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