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[CQ-Contest] A non-QRZ.com contest perspective

Subject: [CQ-Contest] A non-QRZ.com contest perspective
From: w3uls@3n.net (John Rippey)
Date: Thu Oct 31 15:36:14 2002
I am a newbie and not set up to be a serious contester--software, etc. 
However, I like working contests for several reasons. First, MOST operators 
in contests are very good and it is a pleasure to hear them go at it (and 
work the ones I want to). Second, you can pick up some mighty interesting 
locales by careful listening. Third, it's fun to pick out weaker signals 
among the strong and try to raise those stations. Fourth, by the closing 
hours of the contest, you can be welcomed with open arms.

What I don't like about some contesters is their splatter on SSB aggravated 
by shouting into their mikes. How this leads to higher scores, I do not 
knoww, and I abvoid these foplks.

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