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[CQ-Contest] ARRL sections

Subject: [CQ-Contest] ARRL sections
From: johngeig@yahoo.com (John Geiger)
Date: Thu Oct 31 13:46:09 2002
Now that we are coming up on the weekend where ARRL
sections receive more attention than anything else,
does anyone understand any rhyme or logic when it
comes to creating ARRL sections and/or mults for the
November SS?

For example, a few years ago they split Washington
into EWA and WWA?  Why split this state and leave more
populous states-like Illinois and Ohio as single
sections?  I think it could be justified to split
Illinois into 3 sections: Chicagoland, Northern
Illinois, and Southern Illinois.

Why was NNY created?  There aren't that many active
hams in NNY to create a new sections.  That is usually
one of the hardest US sections to get in the

Why was PR split off from the rest of the West Indies
section?  Same for why Newfoundland and Labrador now
counts separately from Maritimes sections.

Lets hope they dont' split Newfoundland and Labrador
apart, or split up VY1, VE8, and VY0 into separate
mults or a sweep will get really difficult.

Glad we don't have the KZ5 section to chase anylonger,
that makes things easier.

I guess I am really curious as to what warrents a new
section creation?  And why haven't some taken place in
some of the larger states?

73s John NE0P 

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