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[CQ-Contest] Is AL-811HX good for a 48 hours contest?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Is AL-811HX good for a 48 hours contest?
From: n6ki@juno.com (n6ki@juno.com)
Date: Sat Oct 19 00:14:44 2002
No, stay away from 811 type tubes for Contest use

Best deal in same power output range is

Ameritron AL-80A

$500 to $600 used price in U.S.A.

Single  3-500Z tube ( 500 to 600 W Out  Key Down)

Possible weakness is bandswitch so do not HOT SWITCH
or operate into High VSWR if at all possible
( I never personally zapped an AL-80A bandswitch but know of a few)

The AL-80B went to electronic bias - had some related problems
with the bias circuit but supposedly a mod available - 
otherwise basically same amplifier as AL-80A but much more costly used

We used AL-80A amps for expeditions to Mexico and have used in Grand

73, Dennis N6KI / TEAM 6E2T / ZF2AR

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