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[CQ-Contest] New Michigan QSO Party Web Page

Subject: [CQ-Contest] New Michigan QSO Party Web Page
From: cqnu8z@attbi.com (Mark Hinkleman)
Date: Sun Jan 5 13:08:46 2003
The Michigan QSO Party now has its own web site: http://www.miqp.org. =
The new web site is intended to be a useful resource for new and =
experienced MiQPers alike with sections on:

MiQP contest results

Current official MiQP rules

MiQP files to download

Description of the MiQP Awards Program

In-state MiQP records by county

How to submit an electronic MiQP entry

NA Demo logging software

About the sponsor, the Mad River Radio Club

The MiQP e-mail reflector

The official results from the 2002 MiQP are posted on the new web site. =
Congratulations to the stations who won the major categories:

N8KR - MI High Power Single-Op

N8TC - MI Low Power Single-Op

N9NE/8 - MI QRP Single-op

K8JM - MI Multi-Op

K8MR/m (+W8DRZ) - MI Rover Mobile

WA3HAE - Top Out-state Entry from Eastern/Central Time Zones

N6ZZ - Top Out-state Entry from Mountain/Pacific Time Zones

WA3HAE - Most counties worked from Out-State

Eastern MI ARC - Michigan Club Competition

There is also a new e-mail address for sending MiQP logs:=20

logs@miqp.org  The current address mqp@contesting.com  will still work =
for 2003, but we intend to phase it out for the future.

We're also setting up a new MiQP e-mail reflector. Details on this =
should be available on the web site soon.

Thanks for the participation in the 2002 MiQP, and we look forward to an =
even better event in 2003!

Michigan QSO Party Committee

Chairman- Dave Pruett, K8CC

Vice-Chairmen - Ted Rachwall, K8AQM and Hank Kohl, K8DD =20

Communications Manager - Mark Hinkleman, NU8Z

Awards Manager - Mike Van Buren, WD8S

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