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[CQ-Contest] TCG NAQP CW Players as of 01/09/2003

Subject: [CQ-Contest] TCG NAQP CW Players as of 01/09/2003
From: k4ro@k4ro.net (K4RO Kirk Pickering)
Date: Thu Jan 9 08:57:10 2003
<Final posting to CQ-Contest requesting TCG NAQP CW teams.>

There is still plenty of time to join a TCG team for CW NAQP.

Here are TCG NAQP CW Team Players as of 01/09/2003

K4LTA   Bill    FT
K4MA    Jim     FT
W4PA    Scott   FT
K4WX    Don     FT
NA4K    Steve   FT
K3WU    Jim     FT
K4RO    Kirk    FT
N5NW    Marty   FT
NY4N    Jeff    FT
K0EJ    Mark    FT
W7GG    Bob     FT
W4NZ    Ted     FT
W4AU    John    FT
K4RO    Kirk    FT
W4ATL   Roger   FT
WM4Q    Robert  PT 
K4BEV   Don     PT
NY4T    Lee     PT
W4TYU   Jean    PT
N4IR    Jim     PT
KE4OAR  Chuck   PT
W4HZD   Will    PT
K1KY    Tom     PT
KC4URW  Robert  PT

Scott, please forward to K3WU. Also, could someone else
forward this to K4MA at <k4ma@nc.rr.com> ?  His domain
currently won't accept mail from my domain. Please send 
any additions or corrections directly to me.  

Thanks for the great turnout, and see everybody
on all six bands on Saturday.


-Kirk  K4RO

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