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[CQ-Contest] Going Over to the Dark Side

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Going Over to the Dark Side
From: aa7bg@3rivers.net (Matt)
Date: Mon Jan 13 22:15:02 2003
Wowser, Mark you're probably right. That may well be what was going on. I
should have made a note of the two callsigns and checked to see if they were
active in the contest. I myself was asked to QSY quite a bit and we did
pretty much just jump in at or pretty close to the suggested freq that was
suggested on the "QSY from" band. I noticed a lot of chaps in requesting QSY
asked me to go to a presumably busy freq like 7050 or 3550, while others
seemed to have the game figgered out a bit better and asked me to QSY to a
"more likely" clear freq way low in the band, such as 7005 or 3507 or such.
That probably got us in trouble with DXers, but those freqs always seemed to
be clearer--Make a note for next time you QSY seekers.

Matt (K7BG)/ Ed--WC7CW

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Matt said:

> I was CQing away and working a few here and there and some station
> came on calling another stateside station over and over.

I bet Matt happened to be on the frequency they decided to QSY to from
another band without listening first (not that I would have any experience
with this [hi]).  I know I had to squeeze in a couple times because there
happened to be someone on the frequency I had just agreed to QSY to.

I think in-and-out in less than a minute is not worth getting worked up over
(not that I think Matt got worked up).  When I'm CQing and some other guys
blast over me for a 15 second sked, it is just a relief that they're gone as
soon as they appeared.  Beats the heck out of the bonehead who says QRL? on
your frequency, you answer YES, and they just start CQing as if they didn't
hear you.

Mark, N5OT

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