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[CQ-Contest] name experiment

Subject: [CQ-Contest] name experiment
From: w9sz@prairienet.org (Zack Widup)
Date: Thu Jan 16 07:42:11 2003
On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, jim funk wrote:

> My call is running around in various "master" databases attached to "Jim" or
> "Pogo" (sprint name).  This time, I (and a dozen or so others), used "Bill"
> in memory of WA9TPQ (SK Dec '02).  I heard a lot of pauses as "Bill" sank in
> and "Jim" or "Pogo" were erased from the exchange line.  A few asked for
> repeats.  Several chuckled and then said, "Thanks, Jim".  A couple asked
> later who the guest op was....
> I used "Poppy" one year in a Sprint (favorite cow at the time).  I had more
> trouble with that than with Pogo.  Once in a Sprint, as a member of "Dead
> Lizards", I used "Steggi" (short for Stegosauraus...get it?).  Man, I'll
> never make *that* mistake again!

At least you didn't use "Mr. Mxyzptlk".  :-)

Zack W9SZ

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