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[CQ-Contest] Results WAE SSB 2002 are on line

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Results WAE SSB 2002 are on line
From: wally@el-soft.com (Valeri Stefanov)
Date: Sun Jan 19 01:21:06 2003

Results from WAE SSB contest 2002 are on line.

We were happy to see our contest team LZ9W in top six M/S box after =
taking part with almost no preparation due to the fact we had to cancel =
our YM3LZ operation in the very last moment !=20
Murphy was at our location too with a summer storm and lightening =
evaporating the LZ1UQ modem and phone cabel as well. So everything was =
done without cluster access !

See you all guys in WAE 2003 !

73's de Wally LZ2CJ (LZ8T) - team member LZ9W

Hats off to my friend Ben DL6RAI and the rest of the crew at WAE =
committee for a great job done ( Contest in Sept 02 and results on line =
accessable for all without any restrictions in Jan 2003 )

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