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[VHFcontesting] Re: [CQ-Contest] Re: Statement regarding the useofBEACON

Subject: [VHFcontesting] Re: [CQ-Contest] Re: Statement regarding the useofBEACONet in ARRL VHF Contests
From: w2ev@arrl.net (E. Tupis)
Date: Sat Jan 18 21:36:45 2003
"Kenneth E. Harker" wrote:
> So, when you call "CQ" via a Beaconet AX.25 datagram, will you ever
> complete a two-way QSO on the same frequency using AX.25?  Or is the
> Beaconet "CQ" really always intended to solicit a QSO that will take
> place on another frequency and another mode?  I think if it is the
> latter, then your AX.25 "CQ" is really not in the spirit of fair
> competition.

One may carry on a full and complete keyboard-to-keyboard simplex,
unassisted QSO in response to an operator noticing a the receipt of a
BEACONet CQ.  That is the truth of the matter.

Thanks for taking the time to understand the system, by the way.  You
are to be applauded...sincerely.

Ev, W2EV

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