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FW: [CQ-Contest] FS: TOP TEN "DX Doubler" & Cables

Subject: FW: [CQ-Contest] FS: TOP TEN "DX Doubler" & Cables
From: jmaass@columbus.rr.com (Jeff Maass)
Date: Mon Jan 20 18:28:50 2003
The TOP TEN Dx Doubler and cables are SOLD!

 Jeff Maass       jmaass@columbus.rr.com     Located near Columbus Ohio
         USPSA # L-1192       NROI/CRO    Amateur Radio K8ND
Maass' IPSC Resources:  http://home.columbus.rr.com/jmaass/index.html
Circleville USPSA/IPSC: http://home.columbus.rr.com/jmaass/pcsiipsc.htm

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> Subject: [CQ-Contest] FS: TOP TEN "DX Doubler" & Cables
> I've had SO2R in my "To Be Done" box for a while now, and it looks
> like another while before I get around to getting SO2R set up.
> I could use some cash for another urgent project, so I'd like to 
> move this quickly.
> I have a new, never used TOP TEN "DX Doubler", with a pair of
> the pre-manufactured cables for the DXD to Yaesu FT1000MP 
> radios.
> Manufacturer's information:
>     http://www.qth.com/topten/DXD.HTM
> Reviews on eham.net:
>     http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/1490
> DX Doubler with 2 cable assemblies:           $225 + shipping
> DX Doubler without the cables:                   $170 + shipping
> 73,
>  Jeff Maass       jmaass@columbus.rr.com     Located near Columbus Ohio

>From Dick Frey" <k4xu@arrl.net  Tue Jan 21 04:31:52 2003
From: Dick Frey" <k4xu@arrl.net (Dick Frey)
Subject: [CQ-Contest] TS-50 mobile with TR
Message-ID: <00a201c2c106$ee48ace0$72a6e4d8@bendcable.com>

Does anyone have experience using a TS50 with TR (or CT)?

I am setting up for a state QSO party (see www.codxc.com) as a rover.
TS-50, SG-239 autotuner, 12' whip, and a Dell laptop. I want to do instant
band changes and I don't want to think about keeping the rig and the log on
the same band. No mom, I won't be driving.

The TS-50's RS-232 is TTL and located on an internal (metric!) 6-pin inline
header. I will use a MAX232 IC to do the required level shifting/buffering
and lay out an SMD board to mount inside it. Kenmore no longer makes the
interface kit. I gotta buy a minimum of 15 boards but it's worth it for a
solder-masked and plated-thru board.

Does anyone have some wisdom or experience to offer that might prevent me
from stepping in known potholes and/or reinventing the wheel?

>From Steve Daniel" <nn4t@bellsouth.net  Tue Jan 21 04:44:44 2003
From: Steve Daniel" <nn4t@bellsouth.net (Steve Daniel)
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Fw: For Sale-NN4T
Message-ID: <022901c2c107$d2503980$45954cd8@nn4t>

The SO2R Master controller, both Dunestar filters and all the A/B switches
are sold. Thanks to all who replied. The radio and amp are still available.
Steve, NN4T.
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From: "Steve Daniel" <nn4t@bellsouth.net>
To: <tcg@k4ro.net>
Sent: Sunday, January 19, 2003 9:43 PM
Subject: For Sale-NN4T

> I have the following items for sale:
> 1. Array Solutions SO2R Master Controller. Retail $275. For Sale-$200.00
> 2. Two Dunestar 600 Multiband remote switched bandpass filters. Cable for
> Yaesu are included. Retail-$339.00. For sale-$250.00 each.
>  3. Three Top Ten Devices A/B switches for SO2R. Retail $77.00. For
> Sale-$50.00 each.
> The above items have never been used and I have all documentation.
> 4. Ameritron AL-1200 amplifier. I bought this new and used it for about a
> year as the primary amp. When I added the 87A it became the radio 2 amp,
> it has seen little service these past 6-7 years. It works well and I have
> the manual. The best new price I  could find was Texas Towers at $2119.
> shipping that would approach $2200. I will sell this one for $1650.00.
> 5. Kenwood TS-950SD. This was my radio 2 until I added the Omni VI. HRO
> a used one for $1600.00. I will sell this for that price and it includes
> narrow SSB filter, both 500hz CW filters and, I believe, the 250 Hz CW as
> well. I will even  include the MC60 Microphone and stand and the hand mike
> as well.
> Prices are firm and do not include shipping, although many of you are
> enough to pick up the stuff. Drop me a note if anything strikes your
> Thanks! Steve, NN4T.

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