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[CQ-Contest] DXC dxconcentrator update

Subject: [CQ-Contest] DXC dxconcentrator update
From: paul@ei5di.com (Paul O'Kane)
Date: Sun Jan 19 11:28:45 2003
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From: "Marc Wullaert ON4MA" <marc.wullaert3@pandora.be>

> ... a telnetclient program written by Jack ON5OO.This
> program is written for dx'ers and contesters.In 1minute
> you are setup to connect a max of 50 dxclusters on the
> internet.

While this will be very useful for DXers, I believe it's
an inappropriate use of technology for contesters - whether
SO or MO.

Why would any contester use dxclusters when we all know
that it's inappropriate to get similar information from
other external sources such as phone calls?

Paul EI5DI

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