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[CQ-Contest] TS-50 mobile with TR

Subject: [CQ-Contest] TS-50 mobile with TR
From: k4xu@bendcable.com (Dick Frey)
Date: Mon Jan 20 20:31:52 2003
Does anyone have experience using a TS50 with TR (or CT)?

I am setting up for a state QSO party (see www.codxc.com) as a rover.
TS-50, SG-239 autotuner, 12' whip, and a Dell laptop. I want to do instant
band changes and I don't want to think about keeping the rig and the log on
the same band. No mom, I won't be driving.

The TS-50's RS-232 is TTL and located on an internal (metric!) 6-pin inline
header. I will use a MAX232 IC to do the required level shifting/buffering
and lay out an SMD board to mount inside it. Kenmore no longer makes the
interface kit. I gotta buy a minimum of 15 boards but it's worth it for a
solder-masked and plated-thru board.

Does anyone have some wisdom or experience to offer that might prevent me
from stepping in known potholes and/or reinventing the wheel?

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