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[CQ-Contest] 40m Beams and Domestic Contests

Subject: [CQ-Contest] 40m Beams and Domestic Contests
From: k8khz@yahoo.com (Sean Fleming)
Date: Tue Jan 21 16:54:05 2003

  "I would opt for an NVIS style antenna which will blow that yagi away inside 
1000 miles"
-Dallas  W3PP"

Dallas I hate to cut the your e-mail apart but I seen this from a devout 
contesterf inwhich I look up to and know that I too have NVIS antennas. I have 
a very low G5RV it is about at 20Ft tall. I only have one though I thought 
about putting up another in the opposite direction. What I have noticed from 
being at my station, a ed station, and a multi such as K8CC where he has a 40M 
beam is that if you are working a stateside contest the wires work quite well 
though if you are in a DX contest they such and you might be able to use a 
titan DX or a verticle but best bets are that a beam is best. I have noticed 
that many winners of Nov SS and the state QSO parties are using plane old wires 
on 40M.  The only thing I would like is to get rid of that intererence from the 
SWL stations HIHI. I am interested if you can give me detail on your 2EL NVIS.

Note- after being on 40M and 80M most  rag chewers think  that your wire be 
like high up in the air. They are usually within a few states of each other.  




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