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[CQ-Contest] 40m Beams and Domestic Contests

Subject: [CQ-Contest] 40m Beams and Domestic Contests
From: TOMK5RC@aol.com (TOMK5RC@aol.com)
Date: Tue Jan 21 19:20:05 2003
I have had a 40 meter beam since the seventies and felt like I wouldn't be 
competitive without it. My 40M beam is broken (again) so I used my full-size 
160M Delta Loop on 40 in both modes of NAQP. I was amazed how well it worked 
and how many more folks I worked in the 6th and 7th districts (who would 
normally be on the back and sides of the 3 el beam). 

While not everyone has the real estate for a loop that big, adversity taught 
me a lesson about what might be a killer domestic antenna for 40. For DX, it 
is not nearly as effective as the 3el, so I will fix the beam in the spring, 
do some comparison testing and report back to the group.

Tom, K5RC
aka W7TTT
Virginia City NV
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