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[CQ-Contest] Old topic - New Wrinkle

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Old topic - New Wrinkle
From: k8khz@yahoo.com (Sean Fleming)
Date: Wed Jan 22 20:10:20 2003
I seem to have the first person who started this treads line of thought. I 
personally know for a fact that I will never will a contest from my small 
station of 100 Watts and wires unless I enter a category that is single op. 
Then I have to be there all contest long of course like I am always am unless I 
am sick(HIHI). And then you have to also have no distractions for xyl or 
family. You have to be able to maybe get into a smaller contest to win or hope 
that other guest ops that dont frequent larger stations in the area are on in 
your catagory.

Here is a great example. I am on CQ WPX at my station as sigle op with G5RV 
100W. station X with guest op who at home has same setup as mine goes to to 
station X for advantage of bigger antennas goes there to operate. He uses 5x5x5 
on 10M and whips me all day long while in the same catagory at someone elses 
station. Now becuase I am not using someone elses station using thier humongus 
station I am left in the dust making 1/3 or the QSO's becuase of the antenna 

What this tells me is, hey note to self call up friend with large antenna and 
go there to operate or go to club multi op station. 

I am certain that nobody can deny the fact they go to guest op for that same 
reason to win and also operate and that persons station. If they don't then 
they are kidding themselves. Question about it is , is about if it is fair to 
group them together with the same people  who opted to stay at home? Maybe 
instead there should be classification of antenna type instead of where the op 
is contesting from.



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