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[CQ-Contest] Old topic - New Wrinkle

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Old topic - New Wrinkle
From: mark@concertart.com (Mark Beckwith)
Date: Thu Jan 23 11:16:42 2003
> Oh, yes. I lost 13 towers in hurricane Alicia in Texas in 1983. That's my
> benchmark of commitment as an owner/operator.

Gosh, Tom, I had no idea.  I'm really sorry.  Bet THAT hurt!

> Someone should collate all the responses and compare them to the same
> we have had in the NCJ every few years, back when we dialogued in that
> publication instead of on the Internet.

I would read every word, but don't have what it would take to compile it.  I
hope somebody reading this does.  That would make for great study.

Mark, N5OT

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