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From: ku8e@bellsouth.net (Jeff Clarke)
Date: Thu Jan 23 18:28:27 2003
N6TJ wrote :

Secrets of Contesting, Chapter 9

Real Contesters don't cry about perceived (1) slights, (2) dis-advantages,
or (3) the eternal non-level playing field.

Or, as a wise, old sage once wrote in a 1974 NCJ, (paraphrased here, because
the sage can no longer remember), "Realize that some locations (or, uh,
opportunities) will ALWAYS have the advantage.  If you don't like your
location, MOVE"

Expeditions for contests and DXing have been around since the days of
Marconi.  Always have been; always will be.

Fraternally yours,

Jim Neiger N6TJ


  It would be interesting to hear why you subscribe to this theory ???

  I have had the opportunity to do several contest efforts from the Caribbean 
in CQWW with groups that were serious
about winning their category. (from both zone 8 and 9)  To tell you the truth I 
don't see why the zone 9 guys should get 3
points to work the USA, while those in zone 8 get 2 , when the propagation is 
essentially the same to the USA (and EU). I'm sure
the same argument could be made for other places on the border of continents 
that have a points advantage as well.

I have only been a ham (and contester) for 27 years so I am not old enough to 
know why CQ wrote the rules the way they
did back when it started. I agree with you that everyone has some type of 
advantage, one time or another depending on what contest it is. For example : 
for many years the northern part of South America (PJ2,P40) was the place to be 
for CQWW and recently that has shifted to North Africa.

Personally, I would like to see the rules changed (in CQWW) to get rid of the 
point handicap system that they have. Reward the guy (or team) that has the 
most QSO's/multipliers. This would also encourage those that are serious about 
winning to go to places other than PJ,P40, EA8, CT3 etc.... Everyone benefits 
by having more multipliers to work....

Also, please define what a "real contester" is so I can check to see if I am 
one ????

               Regards, Jeff  KU8E -  past opr at PJ2Z, 
PJ2T,VP5FXB,J6DX,VP2E,VP9AD, etc....

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