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[CQ-Contest] Again?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Again?
From: k4sb@earthlink.net (K4SB)
Date: Fri Jan 24 20:41:05 2003
> Let me make sure I understand you correctly:  SO2R operation was
> developed from the existing rule set, and now those same rules
> years later are "grossly unfair" to the SO1R contest participant?
> We should change the rules to inhibit competitive operating
> practices, developed within those same rules, when the raison d'etre
> of radio contesting is just that: to develop operator ability?
> Twilight zone, man, twilight zone.
> Scott Robbins, W4PA

Why would making SO2R a seperate category "inhibit competitive
operating practices"?

No one is suggesting you not develop operator ability.

What you are saying is you want to be a "Joe Lewis" fighting a light

After all, weren't the initial rules of boxing the same?


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