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[CQ-Contest] SO2R, et al

Subject: [CQ-Contest] SO2R, et al
From: km9m-zig@attbi.com (S. Markowski Jr.)
Date: Sat Jan 25 20:37:34 2003
Enough is enough!

If  you don't like the rules of the contest, write the sponsor and cry.
If they refuse to change the rules, DON'T PLAY!

Most of us(self included) who contest have a "snowball's chance in hell"
of winning!  I play because I choose to....... and enjoy it! Bettering
the previous year's score or a personal best is good enough for me.  If
you want to run with the Big Dogs, it's gonna cost you.  If you don't
want to or can't spend the money, why should THEY be penalized?  Find
somewhere to guest op or join a multi-single/multi-multi operation. An
outstanding learning experience, I can assure you.

Let's not ruin the spirit of contesting by trying to over-regulate it.
Too many classes, rules, restrictions are in place now.  Not to mention
the pain it'll add to all the software being used.  Even if you add
another class or two, it STILL won't make everybody happy. Who
knows....... perhaps the next handicapper will be guys who send over
35wpm will have to use a straight key using only their left elbow to
send! But you know what?  The TRUE CONTESTERS will figure out a way to
make it work!
Deal with it!
Enough is Enough! ;-)  IMHO
Zig KM9M

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