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[CQ-Contest] SO2R

Subject: [CQ-Contest] SO2R
From: k8khz@yahoo.com (Sean Fleming)
Date: Sun Jan 26 09:17:13 2003
My Opinon for what it is worth.

How I see if I had 2 radios.  I belive that I might be some what faster and 
able to work a pileup at the same time as I am calling cq sort of. Though you 
are only one operator. I see that SO2R is just like a packet assisted station. 
So, I could see how this shoule be separated from regular single op and they 
should be grouped along with the multi-op if the contest calls for that. If 
there is not a set rule for  assisted stations as being multi-op then I suppose 
that then they would be grouped with the single ops with only 1 radio. But see 
what I find to happen is lets say you are SO2R with you are not claiming to be 
packet and you are grouped with Single ops still. I suppose that assisted 
catagory should include 2 radios in my eyes.

Note: I find it absurd that in the last two postings with the guest op deal and 
also the SO2R. It apperars to me as though the people who have been winning in 
some catagories with advantages no matter what they may be are happy to win of 
course. What is seen here is opposition to distinguish the use of these 
advantages that are not currently made. Such as if you are at home or at 
someone elses station using an antenna advantage or weather it is a advantage 
of using two radios. it is fine if you want to group everyone together even 
though it really is not fair. But I guess if you want to win youwill have to 
get 2 radios, run packet spots, get a bigger antenna system. Maybe this is what 
is driving some away from contesting HMM

Since we are talking about assisted. What I would like to see is maybe a 
separation of keyboard/automated assisted CW sending. I have used both. I know 
that sending with a keyboard is much faster . But some people are going 
overboard with the sending speeds that are uncopyable in the contests. So fast 
that unless you are running software to copy  it or you are an expert copier at 
30+ WPM then you can get it.  I Belive that if we all stopped sending so fast 
maybe come oldtime cw ops might come work the contest or give you a qso. 


I hope that noone here gets me wrong by this post. I love contesting. So,  good 
luck to all. 


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