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[CQ-Contest] SO2R -- Credit where credit is due

Subject: [CQ-Contest] SO2R -- Credit where credit is due
From: k0hb@earthlink.net (KHB)
Date: Mon Jan 27 03:46:24 2003
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From: "K?HB" <k0hb@earthlink.net>

> For one glorious year I had bragging rights to the Dakota Division record for
> LP Phone.  The next year a better operator, N0BSH (now K9NW), at a better
> station, N0AT, took it away from me by a huge margin.

The reference sheet I read was in error.  N0BSH was not guest op at N0AT.

Ron, N0AT, ran his own station for that record.  Ron is one of those "Shop-Vacs"
I spoke of in another message.

Sorry for not verifying my source, but the basic message still stands.  A
single-op is a single-op.

73, Hans, K0HB

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