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[CQ-Contest] SO2R Radio Placement

Subject: [CQ-Contest] SO2R Radio Placement
From: gw3njw@onetel.net.uk (Clive Whelan)
Date: Tue Jan 28 18:41:20 2003
frugoli  wrote:

> I'm considering stacking the two radios, with the run radio on top and the 
> S&P 
> radio on the bottom.  Any reasons why I rarely see this setup?  

Because imo, it's not as good as the side by side arrangement! Moving your head 
side to side is much easier than up/down, which will give you a stiff neck. I 
believe you should be looking downwards slightly at all units. Ancillary stuff 
like ATUs, antenna switches, etc can be at the next level up, without causing 

That said of course it is a very individual thing.



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