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[CQ-Contest] SO2R Setup - Left,Right or Up,Down

Subject: [CQ-Contest] SO2R Setup - Left,Right or Up,Down
From: eric@K3NA.ORG (Eric Scace K3NA)
Date: Tue Jan 28 16:12:51 2003
   My personal preference is for the radios to be stacked, one above the other. 
 I typically use the top radio as the running radio
(and call it "left") and the bottom radio, whose tuning knob is easier to 
reach, as the S&P radio.

   Life is less confusing in the 42nd hour of the contest if the two radios are 
identical; one doesn't need to think so much about
where to find a particular control.

-- Eric K3NA

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] RE: [YCCC] SO2R Setup - Left,Right or Up,Down

SO2R setup

I prefer horizontal...although I am still a rookie at this...

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Subject: [YCCC] SO2R Setup - Left,Right or Up,Down

Hello fellow contesters.

I've seen lots of setups using two rigs in a horizontal orientation (i.e.
rig 1 on the left and rig 2 on the right), but I've seen very few vertical
setups (rig 1 on the bottom, rig 2 on the top).  What are folks thoughts on
this?  Are there reasons for each setup?  I've found that the side by side
seems tiring.  I've got my monitor in the middle, and one rig on each side.
Lots of head/eye movement to see things.  Going to try a vertical setup with
both rigs on one side and would be interested in your thoughts/comments.

73 de Al, KE1FO

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