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[CQ-Contest] bait and switch

Subject: [CQ-Contest] bait and switch
From: tree@kkn.net (Tree)
Date: Fri Jan 31 13:32:01 2003
Here I am going down memory lane about hand duping and color
coded dupesheets...


and out of the middle of nowhere:

> Funny how now the thought of doing a contest WITHOUT a logging program 
> is so ugly that a lot of guys will watch HBO instead!  On that subject, 
> many of the loggin programs out there support the
> Florida QSO Party

What the ????.

These guys are reaching new lows in advertising their little contest.  Are
they going to start calling me during dinner to remind me that there are 
only 72 days left?

If their contest is THAT important, they should be able to just make a posting
about it without trying to sneak it in as a post script to some other lame
message that latches onto some other previous posting in a very weak way.

73 Tree N6TR

PS: The CW Sprint is coming up in 8 days - check out my sprint web page
at http://web.jzap.com/n6tr/sprint.html.

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