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[CQ-Contest] NAQP SSB Reminders

Subject: [CQ-Contest] NAQP SSB Reminders
From: bhorn@hornucopia.com (Bruce Horn)
Date: Wed Aug 13 10:09:41 2003
As most of you know, the NAQP SSB contest will be held this weekend (August 
16-17). Please be aware of the following:

1) Output power is limited to 100 watts. We will also recognize QRP 
entries. High power entries or entries that use assistance, such as Packet, 
will be classified as check logs.

2) Teams must be preregistered before the start of the contest (i.e. 1800Z, 
Aug 16). Even though the currently posted rules state that team 
registrations can be e-mailed, please use the team registration web form 
available on the NCJ web site, rather than e-mail. This will insure that 
you receive confirmation of your registration and that your registration 
won't get lost. The registration form can be found at:

3) After the contest please e-mail your log to ssbnaqp@ncjweb.com. Do not 
use any other e-mail address. Although we currently accept a variety log 
formats (as long as they are ASCII text), we prefer Cabrillo-formatted logs 
because it greatly speeds up the process of handling your log. Even if you 
submit a Cabrillo log, please look at it before submitting it to insure 
that it contains the required information. Common errors are logs that 
include a serial number in the exchange info (a serial number is not part 
of the NAQP exchange), or logs that include the contestant's full name 
(e.g. Bruce A. Horn) in the exchange instead of the name exchanged (e.g. 
Bruce). Also, please make sure that times in your log are in UTC. A number 
of the logs submitted for the recent NAQP CW contest had these errors.

4) If you logged on paper, please use the web form available at:
to convert your log to a Cabrillo log. If you are unable to do this and 
must submit a paper log, send it to:
Bruce Horn, WA7BNM
4225 Farmdale Avenue
Studio City, CA 91604

5) The deadline for all logs is September 15, 2003. In order to shorten the 
turn around time for log checking, we will be more "hard nosed" about late 
logs than we have been in the past.

6) The rules for the NAQP contests can be found at: 

7) Contesters who submit their log via e-mail will receive an e-mail 
confirmation in reply. However, the log submittal address is not a robot, 
so it make be a day or so before you receive a confirmation (depending on 
my schedule). A continually updated list of logs received will be available at:

Since not all NAQP participants subscribe to this reflector, contest clubs 
should make sure their members are aware of these reminders.

I hope everyone has a great time!

73 de Bruce, WA7BNM   (bhorn@hornucopia.com)

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