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Subject: [CQ-Contest] addendum to self spotter list
From: Diego Alonso <lw9da@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2004 21:59:18 -0800 (PST)
List-post: <mailto:cq-contest@contesting.com>
Dear David, 
Regarding your message on CQ-Contest, I would like to point out that 
unfortunately in this country there is no way to know who might have 
sent those spots, either with the intention to improve our score or 
hinder it, as a matter of fact there has been some anonymous spots 
sent as LW7DX, spotting a pirate VP8/LU1BR station, stating "LW9DA OP"
as well as phrases such as "he never win a contest", etc.
Claudio Fernández (LU7DW) took the time to post in a local contesters'
reflector which is incidentally moderated by his wife that "LQ7D has
been accused in contesting bulletins throughout the world", he did not
choose the right words "looked odd", instead he added statements such 
as "the Argentines would not be invited to the upcoming WRTC thanks to
these events" with the clear intention to make us look bad with our 
fellow LU contesters.

Our Multi-single was committed to achieving the best possible result as
we have always done in all the contests we participated. Ops were 
Ernesto Grueneberg (LU5CW), Horacio Schvarzman (LW7DX), and myself,
taking the opportunity to send you my best regards.
Diego Alonso (LW9DA/LQ7D)

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