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Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2004 09:02:02 -0500
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>>KU8E wrote:
>>High Claimed DX M/2 Scores - ARRL DX CW
>>  PJ2T  8188/352  8,646,528
>>  FS5UQ 7847/348  8,192,268
>>  PJ4R  7849/345  8,120,610
>>  J7OJ  7644/350  8,026,200
>>  What a shootout in the DX M/2 category this year !!
>         Very true...but even closer is the shootout between
>PJ2T and the 1999 record set at HC8N:
>Claimed 8294/350        8,708,700  (3830 below)
>Final   8039/350        8,440,950  (ARRL records)
>Congrats to PJ2T...it's now up to the log-checkers!  With
>typical error rates and penalties, it could be VERY close.
>                                         73,  Bill  W4ZV

Actually, PJ2T has submitted a revised score, lower by about 
400K points. It hasn't made it through the 3830 claimed
score posting robot yet(which has a special process for
revisions). It was posted 3-4 days ago, and the FS5UQ team 
was notified by email.

The final claimed score is just a little above FS5UQ. The bunch 
is even tighter than those comments above indicate!

See you in the SSB contest!

73,   Jeff  PJ2/K8ND

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