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From: "Blake M. Meinecke" <n4gi@tampabay.rr.com>
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2004 16:58:13 -0500
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From: "WD4K" <Ttow1@charter.net>
> Considering the average age of
> contesters and the fact that the over 40 crowd is flirting with the
> glasses syndrome, using a rig that requires magnification to read the
> panel is probably not a first choice. The fact that Ten Tec chose to make
> the Orion a little larger to me shows that they looked at their
> and met the needs with good ergonomics and a large screen which is very
> read, understand and navigate through.

Guess I'm not part of the main the demographic.  The main reason I got a K2
was because of the small size.  Lugging my Mark-Five through airports and to
multi-ops was a big pain (and took up dive gear space).

N4PY has written interface software (no affiliation) for the K2 that will
run at the same time as some of the popular windoze logging software.  This
means never having to look down at or touch the rig while still being able
to log-away.  I have not used it seriously in a contest yet (too much
mouse-clicking, perhaps?), but it seems interesting enough to try and

If the thing only had CW PTT, though-(grumble)....

Blake N4GI

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