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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re:Packet followup
From: K4SB <k4sb@earthlink.net>
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 05:05:37 +0000
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Recently, K1TTT posted the irregularities he found on his cluster
during the ARRL SSB.

Just for the hell of it, I converted the USA calls to a database, then
checked them all
against both Buckmaster and the latest FCC database. This cheating is
so apparent that it goes beyond belief. "No" means that call does not
exist. I am not that technically qualified to retrieve the data like
K1TTT, but I'm going to ask our local Sysop if all
spots from DxSummit can be blocked. Also going to start looking at the
raw data first.

K0REF Nice old gent/76 yrs old    K1EYI No
K1QGG No                          K1RRT No 
K1SJD No                          K2NUZ No
K2WWQ No                          K4JEW No
K5LGH No                          K5RTR Lic Expired 1997 Never
K7AEK Nope                        K7UJI Afraid not
K8IQI Nada                        K8YYE AWOL
K9LON Martian call?               KA2ENT No
KB3FJO Nope                       KC1ECF No
KD5SVT Tech...Nice to see them    N6OOQ  No
N9LZ  No                          ND1DS  No
W4ISC No                          W8FUM  No
WA2NDO No                         WA2TOE No
WA3ACN No                         WA3DFT No
WA8APN No                         WB2ZNF No

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