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Subject: [CQ-Contest] re: fringe reception
From: "Grillo's" <ah3c@frii.com>
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 19:35:33 -0700
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This message is to all who answered my inquiry.

First I want to thank you all for having taken the time to do some research on 
my problem.

For anyone who might be interested, I learned and did the following:
  a.. My first e-mail listed the offending station as transmitting on 87.9.  I 
had captured this by trying to hear the distorted sound coming from my 
television set.  The frequency was later repeated after I had sent that e-mail 
and also the call sign of the station.  It was 89.7, KXWA.  
  b.. The 87.9 frequency threw some responders off, because it is directly 
within channel 6.  So I got a few "too bad, Pete, your hosed" type of responses 
I would expect from Richard King, K5NA ...BTW, anyone know of his whereabouts?
  c.. I got other great comments about filtering.
  d.. Doug, W9WI, has a delightful web page (http://ww.w9wi.com) full of 
information about FCC and other great amateur radio memorabilia, well worth a 
browse.  You may have read Doug's response to me taken from his research we 
discovered that my QTH is in the "blanketed zone" of this new station.
  e.. I telephoned the station manager at KXWA this morning.  Today was their 
first day on the air.  He promised to get back with me on the issue.  I will 
wait my turn, after they have had a chance to get all their excitement cleared 
from kicking off their new adventure.  But now, I have a plan, with clear 
definition of what steps I need to take.
I want to thank all who responded, and especially thank Doug, W9WI, who dug 
deep into FCC regulations and licensing issues so I could proceed in a calm 
orderly fashion to resolve the issue.

73 & KB,
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