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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: Post contest thoughts...
From: "Jamie Dupree" <2004@jdupree.com>
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 10:56:16 -0500
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Randy - 

On the 40 meter situation during the SSB test, I think we probably
need to do a better job hashing out on the reflector who can
transmit where.  I remember last year in the WPX SSB calling
CQ on 40, listening on my frequency and down for EU, and
getting calls on my freq from Carribean stations.  It sort of
threw me for a loop at the time...

And it looks like the playing field will be constantly changing
as other nations decide to give stations the ability to use
other frequencies on 40 in the run up to 2009.

There was a similar situation on 80 during the contest - 
A bunch of Europeans were transmitting in the 3750 to 3800
area, but they were only listening in the trash up above 3800.
I found it much easier to get a QSO with the stations listening
on say 3778, rather than 3855.

If the ARRL plan to extend phone priviliges down to 3725 
goes thru, that will open up even more direct frequency QSO's.

Jamie NS3T

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