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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Wisconsin QSO Party
From: Jim Fitzpatrick <jhfitzpa@wiscmail.wisc.edu>
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 14:03:20 -0600
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Hi Boys and Girls

Sunday is the Wisconsin QSO party, from 1800 UTC 14 Mar until 0100 UTC 15 Mar. That's right only 7 hours, so activity levels tend to hold up through the whole event. There will be many mobiles on, so now is a good time to pick up those rarer counties for the Worked All Counties Award. I've noticed a marked increase in DX activity the last few years. Yes, we can hear you and work you !! Due to a family health issue I will not be running any of the more sparsely populated Northern counties as I usually do, but I am going to try to get out to some of the rarer western counties closer to Madison for a few hours. Below are the rules and a few links courtesy of our local Four Lakes Amateur Radio Club President W9GOC. I have no official connection to the running of this event, I'm just trying to drum up some activity.

Please try to get on for a few minutes or hours and work a few of us.

Thanks and best wishes to all.

Vy 73


Rules can be found at: http://www.warac.org/wqp/2004/04rules.htm

and a suggestion for Mobile operators is to post their intended route with
the County Hunters site at:

     For those who don't wish to surf over to the WARAC site, the
abbreviated rules follow:


DATE/TIME: 1800Z MARCH 14 - 0100Z MARCH 15, 2004

MODES:          CW and Phone.  All stations may be worked once per mode on
                each band.  In addition, mobiles may be worked once per mode
                per Wisconsin county that they operate from.
                Mobiles cannot sit on a county line.


Single Operator Fixed     Multi Operator Fixed     Multi Xmtr/Multi Op Fixed
Single Operator Mobile    Multi Operator Mobile    Multi Xmtr/Multi Op
Single Operator Novice    Single Operator Tech     Multi Operator Tech

POWER LEVEL: High (over 150W), Low (5 to 150 watts), QRP (less than 5 watts). (Choose only one.)

EXCHANGE: Wisconsin stations send county. Non-Wisconsin stations send state or province or country.


CW:    3550, 3705, 7050, 7125, 14050, 15M CW, 10M CW, 6M CW, 2M CW
Phone: 3890, 7230, 14290, 21350, 28400, 6M SSB & FM, 2M SSB & FM
** ALL amateur bands and modes, where contesting is not prohibited, may be


Phone contacts count 1 QSO Point; CW contacts count 2 QSO Points. No
Repeater QSOs.

Multiply CW + phone points by Power Level multiplier to determine CONTACT

WISCONSIN STATIONS: Multiply CONTACT points by the sum of Wisconsin
counties (max. 72), plus states (max. 50) plus Canadian provinces (max. 13)
worked. Note: DX countries worked count for QSO points but not as

NON-WISCONSIN STATIONS: Multiply CONTACT points by the number of Wisconsin
counties worked (max.72). Note: Only Wisconsin contacts count.

BONUS:  WISCONSIN MOBILES/PORTABLES: Add 500 bonus points for each county
        that you operate from, outside your home county, with a minimum of
        12 QSOs per county to qualify.

LOGS:   Entries must contain a log consisting of: Time (GMT), call, band,
        state/province, Wisconsin county, mode and a complete Score Summary
        including YOUR name, address and call. Circle new multipliers as
        worked. Logs containing more than 200 QSOs must be accompanied by a
        dupe sheet (separate dupe sheet for each mode). Mobile entries must
        indicate county changes in log. Entries must be postmarked
                by April 14, 2004 and sent to:

                         WISCONSIN QSO PARTY
                     WEST ALLIS RADIO AMATEUR CLUB
                            P. O. BOX 1072
                          MILWAUKEE, WI 53201

Information on electronic log format. </wqp/2004/wrc_cab.txt>

WISCONSIN:  Awards will be presented to the following
     a. Highest single operator score in the QSO Party.
     b. 10 highest single operator scores in each entry class.
     c. Highest multi-operator score in each entry class.
     d. Highest  aggregate  club score (club member stations to be
        located within 5O miles of the club, except for mobiles).
NON-WISCONSIN:  Awards will be presented to the following:
     a. Highest single operator score in the QSO Party.
     b. Highest single operator score in each single operator category in
        each state/province.

-----------------  be sure to put "Four Lakes Amateur Radio Club" in the
club line ------------

  There are several logging programs listed on the WARAC site; my
recommendation for those who have not yet settled on a favorite logging
program is to give N1MM a try.  [ N1MM is the logger we used last year for
Field Day, and signs point to it being the FLARC club standard for Field Day
2004, as well.]
Find the N1MM logging program at:  http://pages.cthome.net/n1mm/

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