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From: "Ragnar Otterstad" <otterstad@enter.vg>
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 12:04:28 +0100
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>Fo that reason I never buy the latest of anything  but rather wait some 12
>months before
>considering buying.  That has saved me a lot of agrevation over the years !

Rag--does waiting really work?
YES and NO !  At least all bugs and weaknesses in the production process are
sorted out !
If the design leaves somewhat to be desired - waiting will not change that.
I just think the reliability
of the equipment is improved over time as the manufacturer goes through the
learning curve.

I am still waiting for Yaesu to fix
their key clicks and the wait continues through three MODELS.  And
they STILL don't get it.
Have somebody approached the factory in Japan ?

They seem to ramp up their production line and won't stop it for
any needed mods, nor do they seem to listen when they do each
successive generation.  I know that when I once sent my IC-781
in for repairs, after a number of years of good service, I asked Icom
to incorporate any factory mods into it as well.  They said there were
none.  At the time I believed that maybe the design was so good that
they never found anything to improve.   Now I wonder if it is just that
they don't want to admit any mistakes.  Is the hari-kari tradition
still alive in Japan?  We are not really expecting the design engineers
to fall on their own swords.  Just change a couple of 2-cent parts.

73   and   (grins)    John   W0UN
I believe the traditon of saving face is still alive and may explain what is
not happening.

73   Rag LA5HE

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