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Re: re; [CQ-Contest] Response to K5ZD's comments.

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Subject: Re: re; [CQ-Contest] Response to K5ZD's comments.
From: Jim Smith <jimsmith@shaw.ca>
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 12:02:57 -0800
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No it isn't too long. 48 hours is just right. That's 48 hours of cw and 48 hours of phone.

Maybe if we changed the Indy 500 to the Indy 250 we'd have more serious competitors.

I will never be in the top 25, let alone in the top 10. I'm a serious competitor, although not a threat to anyone beyond the VE7 level, and not even then when the really good ops choose to get on. I am not a mere "participant".

Serious is an attitude, not a skill or station level.

Shortening the contest will reduce the number of entrants because some who can get on now will be cut out because the contest isn't running at the time they can get on.

Can I op the full 48 hours? No. I'm too old. Do I bitch because those who can op the full 48 beat me? No. I applaud them, recognizing that this isn't a contest for the faint hearted. Go, ironman, go - and give me a few Qs while you're at it.

There are plenty of contests with limited hours/mandated rest periods for the old farts, etc. Being an old fart myself, I enjoy them too.

I have a very modest station on a 33 x 120 ft city lot. Do I envy the guys with a ton of aluminum up 240 ft? You bet I do. Do I think they should be limited to the same antennas I can put up? No way.

For the benefit of Ham Radio there has to be a place for those who want to go full out and press the envelope in every way to do it. Progress is made on the edge.

I believe that a common reason for suggesting that a contest be shortened is that the suggester finds that there is no one left to work in the last few hours. I've never run out of people to work in the ARRL DX. I have run out of people who can hear me.

For those who think they have worked everybody I can only suggest that they have found a deficiency in their station and that they should do something about it, like put up more aluminum, rather than request that the contest be adjusted to suit their situation. If they don't have the resources to do that, tough. This, as well as a few other contests, is the America's Cup of Ham Radio. The guys with the resources battle it out and we all benefit from the lessons learned and the skills developed. We also get to sail along beside them and have our own contests, whether we define them to be at the regional level or simply try to do better than last year.

Another approach to having more people to work is to introduce more people to contesting. Invite non-contesters to your shack, give them some training and do a multi-single. Talk contesting up at whatever clubs you belong to. Get the club station on the air during contests, operated by the folks you trained at your station. It won't be long before some want to start doing this from home. Challenge your contesting buddies across the country to do the same. While this won't help you in the ARRL DX, it will in many other contests.

I have found training contesters to be a very rewarding activity.

73 de Jim Smith VE7FO

NH7A wrote :

 - Is the ARRL contest too long?  48 hours is better than 2 weekends, but
would 24 hours be even better?  As it is now, there are only a few
competitors at the top of each category.  Everyone else is in
participant class.  Would shortening the contest enable more guys to
compete seriously (i.e. be on for the whole contest)?  Or is this
"contest" run as a DX/WAS chasing promotional activity?

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