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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] GM3BCL SK
From: "Stuart Santelmann KC1F" <kc1f@adelphia.net>
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 22:04:06 -0000
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> I only just found out yesterday that Sandy Anderson GM3BCL died about two
> weeks ago. I think there will be many on here who knew him, or at least
> worked him in CQ WW SSB from time to time. I believe he actually entered
> contest every year from about 1948 until last year. That has to be a
> I first met Sandy when I was about 16 and had just got my licence. I
> to do CQ WW SSB but I had never entered an HF contest and didn't know what
> to do. He lived about a mile from me so I cycled out to his very large and
> impressive house and introduced myself. As a sixteen year old who was new
> ham radio I was totally bowled over by his shack. It was out of this
world -
> it was so big he even had a snooker table in it! The entire station was
> built into a very beautiful custom built wood library wall. I was
> dumb-founded. He was very nice to me, and answered my (probably niaive)
> questions.
> Sandy was a US county hunter and even when I last visited him, in about
> 1989, I think he only required 3 counties to work them all. Sadly, I don't
> know that much about Sandy, but I often worked or heard him in CQ WW SSB,
> and I expect he put a very strong signal into east coast USA. His house
> on a hill facing north west, across the Grampian mountains in north east
> Scotland. Sandy was a founder member of the local radio club.
> This is just a personal tribute to the man who really inspired me to do
> contesting. I hope there are others who remember him.
> Stewart
> ----------------------------------------------------------------

I'm a little late on this one, but wanted also to note Sandy's passing.  I
don't think a SSB contest weekend passed without him calling in.  I worked
him 33 times since I started keeping computerized logs in 1990.  His picture
was also in a recent CQ  magazine, with Sandy wearing traditional Scottish
garb.   RIP OM, and hope they have suitable snooker table up there for you !

            Stu            KC1F

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