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[CQ-Contest] Weird Bearings on 10/15

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Weird Bearings on 10/15
From: "Peter Barron" <ve3pn@igs.net>
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Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 05:50:44 -0000
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Hi All
        Here's a DON'T for the TIPS memory  bank.

Over the ARRL weekend especially on Sunday I found getting anything like a
rate going on 15m near impossible.  I occasionally noticed the beam headings
were way off,  the 10M and 15M headings were all over the compass meaning I
was between 20 and 40 Degrees off , with 7 and 5 Element beams it DOES make
a difference. I was probably 6 to 15dB down at target at least.

I have just finished looking into why the beams were off  the ARRL Weekend
and all resistances  etc were close to as installed values as recorded.

I then decided to remove the control boxes to check them internally  (
before going up towers to check clamps etc!!)

When I slid the control box off its shelf the meter bearing moved, what the
!@#$#$ (I was off ) I though meter bearing gone but  it wasn't   the root
cause was the magnets in the !@#$#$ SPEAKER S on shelf above
Don't move a speaker and place it above ROTATOR control boxes with Analog


P.S. !@#$#$ means fill in to your own imagination

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